About Us

Our Vision

To expand, equip, mentor, and release The Balanced Life to Covenant Partners. To offer The Balanced Life MasterMind Groups globally, from remote villages in Africa to rural communities in Mississippi.

Our Mission

Transform lives by developing spiritual and practical skills which foster The Balanced Life beyond measure.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Jennifer Mann-Mackey founded Women of Excellence International 18 years ago and hosted spiritual women’s retreats in 12 states and two countries that resulted in spiritual refreshing, hearts stirred , and a lot of excitement for the weekend. It concerned Dr. Jennifer after those weekend encounters that women returned to their communities with yet unfilled purposes, unbalanced lives and returning the next year in the same condition.

Dr. Jennifer shared her own struggle with balance as a CEO of three companies, sharing ministry, New Covenant Family Life Center, responsibilities with her husband Carl, and 2 college-aged children, Christian and Charity. “I found that I was becoming bitter, not because of what others had done to me. It was what I was not doing for myself. I realized unless I factored myself into this life, there is no life. Then I became passionate about balance, thus birthing The Balanced Life Now movement. This movement is not sexist, but inclusive. We don’t reach fulfillment unless we are Balanced in mind, body, soul, money; community. The Five-Points of Balance yields Grace“.

Dr. Jennifer is a clinically trained Psychotherapist of 30 years. She advocates for the voiceless and those challenged greatly by life itself. She’s an inspirational, dynamic, provocative, and prophetic speaker.

The Balanced Life is Kingdom Living

“A False Balance is an abomination before the Lord, a just weight is his delight.” Proverbs 11:1

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